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Welcome to the Alte Bürgermeisterei

How to get to the hotel and your room:


You will receive two access codes either online or personally printed out by us. It looks like this:




Please enter the first row of digits with the confirmation tick when using the front door and your room door for the first time. 


After that you only need the second row of digits for house and room. Please never forget the confirmation tick after entering the digits.


Note: You must definitely enter the first row. For example, if you come in the afternoon and the front door is open, you can of course enter the house and go to your room. But if you later come to the closed front door, you have to enter the first row of digits in order to be able to enter.

It is best if you always have the two PIN numbers with you on your mobile phone. Please take a picture of the note if you did not receive the numbers online.

(EXAMPLE!)          9 2 2 4  6 4 9 6    V

         1 4 2 1    V

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